Get aligned around your goals

Let's get rid of all boards, lists, deadlines, calendars... Get aligned around what really matter the most.

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Set goals

Set and prioritize your goals and let your team know what matter the most.

Add tasks

Add and assign tasks to define a clear roadmap leading to your goal.

Collect things

Collect resources related to your goal in a single place, accessible to everyone.

Track progress

See how things are evolving at a glance and stop asking everyone how they are doing.

Goal-oriented approach FTW!

It's about time we simplify things. Get aligned around goals and let everyone know what's important for the business. Add goals under various projects and start adding tasks and resources to make that goal happen.

Get a birds-eye view of what's going on

Become human-centric! Be in the know and follow the progress of the next big thing as it unfolds. We designed a simple feed to make it easier to follow your day-to-day progress.

Collect resources without integrations

Uploading files are so 2000's. Have you ever heard of something like... cloud? Just provide a link to a resource that'll help the goal happen and make it accessable to everyone. Don't leave people digging deep in slack channels or asking for links.

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